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PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS INCLUDED | Make money with honey How to be a Beekeeper. Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby or you can turn it into a lucrative business.

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How to be a Beekeeper

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Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby or you can turn it into a lucrative business. The choice is yours. You need to know some basics to help you get started. The equipment needed to be a beekeeper. Where can you find the equipment you need? The best location for the hives. You can't just put bees in any spot. What needs to be considered when picking the location for your bees?

The best place to get your bees. How do bees come in a package? Or do you have to catch your own? What are the challenges of beekeeping? What are the special needs of the bee that will ensure a good honey crop? Will there be a return on my investment into beekeeping? You want to learn to be a beekeeper. You want to master the art of making honey. It is important to have the correct information needed to start your new hobby. Without information we would all be floundering in the dark.

Knowing where and how to start will prevent you from making costly mistakes. Where do you find the information you need to get started in beekeeping? When you do find the information, there are 10 different books to read?

How can you get it all in one place?

You want the information to be easy to read simple to understand and all in one place. You need:

An easy to read summary...
And Beginner's Beekeeping Bible

With the Beginner's Beekeeping Bible you can learn to become a beekeeper. It will teach you the things you need to know about beekeeping. How much do you know about bees? What they eat? How about what makes them sting?

Do bees get sick? Why is the queen different? Answers to these questions and many more are included. There is plenty of information on bees in this book.

With this book you could turn your hobby into a business. There are many products made using the honey and the wax that bees produce. The amount of time you spend on the bees only depends on you and the needs of the bees at the time. Bees need to be checked on periodically. Some times more than others and you will learn when those times are.

Bees are fascinating creatures. They each have a job to do and they do it. To find all of this information you would have to look in several different places to find all the information found in this book. Think of the time involved. Your time is more valuable than that.

Easy to Understand Information

The information in this book is useful to anyone wanting to start beekeeping as a hobby or a business. It was written for beginners. Those who have never looked into beekeeping, may not understand the meaning of the terminology used by people in the industry. We have tried to overcome the problem by giving explanations. We want you to be able to use this book as a guide in to beekeeping.

Replaces time spent researching

The information in this book range from how to get started to how to process honey. This book compiles a wide range of subjects with information needed by the beginning beekeeper. It covers how to get started as how to care for them. The diseases and pests to protect them from. It also covers how to breed queen bees and how to process honey, as well as the way to present honey.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

* How to get started

* Acquiring Bees

* Clothes and Equipment Needed

* Using pollen substitutes

* Using Nectar Substitutes

* Queen Bee Management

* Raising Queen Bees

* How to Handle Bees

* Raising Bees in Suburban Areas

As you can see this book has much information to offer the bee enthusiasts. The book will tell the methods to use to handle the bees. The way the bees are handled can mean the difference between a sting and no sting at all. Where else could you find so much information in one location?

And a lot more!

How Much Is That Worth To You?

Beginner's Beekeeping Bible retails for $35.98 We are offering it to you for only $17.00. This book has more information on more subjects than any other book you can find. To find information on each of the subjects covered in this book would cost you a lot of time. This book will not only save you time on doing the research needed, but also in your pocketbook.


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